Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dalia Lama

The other day Ross had to have an endoscopy to try to figure out why he always has such bad heart burn. Truthfully, we were pretty excited about it because it meant a "free" vacation day (kinda) and some pretty great anesthesia. So, anyway...I had a few questions that I wanted to ask Ross while he was all drugged up. Here's how that went :)

K: Ross, who is your favorite Disney princess?
R: (looks away, deep in thought before answering) Um, Belle...from Lady and The Tramp.
K: Belle? From Lady and The Tramp?
R: know, I like her.
K: So, your favorite Disney princess is a dog?
R: What?!?! What did I say?
K: You said Belle, from Lady and The Tramp.
R: (after lotsssss of thought) Belle...from Booty and the Beast. Yeah, Booty and the Beast.
K: giggle. giggle. giggle. He said booty.

Next question

Me: Ross, what's the meaning of life?
Ross: I don't know. Ask the Dalia Lama.
Me: giggle.....I've never even heard you say the words Dalia Lama in my life! Hahaha.

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Leslie said...

.... oh poor guy
hope the results were good.