Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Since the last post...

*I joined MOPS and it starts tomorrow! (thanks Les and Christy)

*I joined a ladies Bible study that meets weekly with childcare provided!

*I have acquired quite a few new stretch marks on the Dark Side of The Moon. (aka: underside of the huge belly)

*I have lost massive amounts of sleep stressing out about the nursery.

*Here's my question. Which is more important to have in the nursery....a glider for nursing or a bed for me? Right now the glider is in the playroom and I'm second-guessing that decision. Thoughts?


Jennifer said...

A bed. I spent a lot of time nursing laying down in the middle of the night... the reason being was because I had started falling asleep sitting up in the glider with Josiah still in my arms. It was much safer just to nurse him laying down, and drifting off to sleep myself. But Josiah was a very frequent night waker so that's why I was so tired.

Also, you will be glad to have the glider in the playroom, that way you can rock him and nurse him and not feel secluded in a room during the day. Those are just my thoughts, but you'll figure out what works for you best after the baby is born!

Glad you found a MOPS group!

Christy said...

I say either one will be good but a bed takes up lots more room. I liked to have the cradle in our room and then just lay in our bed when we were feeding. But like Jennifer said you will find which is better for you. I'm so glad you found groups to join. You GO GIRL! :)

Tara said...

Hey girl...we had his bassinet in our room then the glider in his! Let me know how you like your MOPS group!

Miss G said...

Just found you from Leslie's blog. I have a four month old sweetie boy! It is wonderful!

I have a rocker in our nursery that I am only now starting to use with any regularity to rock at naptime for a bit.

For nursing our glider is in our living room and it's been great because I don't feel secluded and alone when nursing. Some of my most special memories are of sitting there nursing around 11:00 p.m. when my husband had graciously taken care of the boy while I went to bed at 7 and slept till the late night feeding in those first weeks and he'd still be up sitting across from me in the living room and we would marvel at how special this time was even though we were tired and all was new, etc.

We also have a full sized bed in our nursery. Our little guy slept better in his crib than in the pack and play (which was in our room) from the beginning so we slept in the nursery with him the first month or so. It is an antique iron bed and higher than most so it has been wonderful for changing clothes on for me. We also cuddle and read on it and I love having it in there.

You don't have to have it all figured out before the baby gets here though. It all evolves as your/his needs change. Kelly