Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nursery- HELP!

I'd say that the nursery is a little over halfway ready for the baby. I mean, if he came today, he'd have a place to sleep and everything but, the pretty stuff isn't done...super important!! I need help! (the pictures are from my phone, hence the poor quality)

Here's what we've got...this area is pretty much done.

Here's what we're thinking about...a wallpaper border, maybe?

Here's what we need...What goes over the mommy bed? What goes over the baby bed?

Here's what I don't like...It's too blah...Ideas?

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The Fenner's said...

you could do his initials or a wall decal that you find on etsy. You could also try putting the ore over the crib or bed, and then leaving the closet blank above. I would also look for bigger pieces for beside the closet. The scale of the anchor and print are a little off. HomeGoods s a great place to find Nautical items for cheap.( if that's where your going) I think the changing table looks great. If you are anything like me though, you'll have to end up moving the lamp because once baby can move a little, it will end up on the floor several times!;)