Friday, August 27, 2010


Wow. "Help" has been in the title of lots of my posts's pretty telling about what we are going through right now.

I'll be staying at home taking care of our little man and need to get involved in other mom groups.

How did you get involved? When did you start to join those groups? Any advice?


Leslie said...

okay I joined one when Ry was about 6 months old, but we had moms who joined much earlier.

Does your church have a MOPS? Or another local church, google MOPS and your city.
thats a great place to start and you can start pregnant and it begins every fall.. look for a local MOPS.. its Christian, a little cheesy but ultimately some nice moms. Im enjoying it a lot, minus the cheese. :) has local moms clubs but not generally for newborns, nor Christian... its been hit and miss. We loved our OC one, but our new one, we have only gone to one outing and wasn't crazy about the wild bunch of women.

Ultimately once you get your own little circle going you will know tons of MOMS.. more than you can keep up with.. I promise...

or what about your neighbors our street does a coffee and chat every Friday... great way to get to know the kids on your street...

does that help?

Christy said...

I too joined MOPS when my daughter was 6 months. Good age for them to go into the nursery and sit and play with other babies. So MOPS is a good one, they are everywhere. Also neighborhood walking moms groups. They meet and walk/jog behind their strollers. Exercise and connecting with friends. Can't beat that. :)There is also a group here in CA called Barefoot mama's. It is a group of moms who meet once a month to talk about healthy eating, school choices, breast feeding. All things healthy. :)You can google Meetup and type in your city and interest and they will find a group near you. So Fun!

The Fenner's said...

lol, when you know let me know!!:) I just get together with other mom's that I know from High School!:) Our neighborhood has lots of mom's too, but I don't really get together with them! Hope you find something good!