Monday, August 9, 2010

3rd Anniversary Trip

Ross and I just got back from our 3 year anniversary trip. I wanted to surprise him with a mini-vaca so, I arranged all the details and just told him to take off of work. (and to not ask any questions) He was so excited! It was so romantic and fun. It was sooooo what we needed before the baby comes!

On Friday we drove to San Antonio and went for a downtown helicopter tour! Ross looked like a 5 yr old on Christmas :)

After we left the helicopter tour, we headed to Natural Bridge Caverns. It was amazing! Ross took about 100 pictures and we were sweating our butts off, but it was great!
At this point, I was pretty pooped and looking rough....18 steep, slippery stories down and this was on our way back up.

After an "I-survived-the-caves-Icee," we moved along to our hotel on the river in New Braunfels and then had a good little dinner at a local sea food restaurant.

Saturday was spent hanging out in the pool and river so there aren't pictures. It was so relaxing and fun!

Saturday night we went to Gruene for dinner. Ross had never been so we walked around the town and ate at the Grist Mill (of course). It was fabulous!

On Sunday we met up with some precious family friends (more like family) for lunch and visiting. Then we began the 5 hour trek home. It was THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!

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