Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation: Get my butt to water aerobics

Since I have been pregnant, working out at the gym has been a real challenge. Here's why...
*My ankle dr says not to get on the Treadmill and only to use the Elliptical.
*My baby dr says not to get on the Elliptical and only to use the Treadmill.

**Um, really doctors? What does that leave me for cardio? Well, it leaves the bike.

Soooo.....I ventured onto the bike and it went something like this...pedal, knee self in baby belly....pedal, knee self in baby belly....pedal, knee self in baby belly....You get the picture.

That left me stranded for options and since prenatal yoga is only offered at 8 AM on Saturdays (WHY? and No.), I had to keep searching.

Here's what I came up with. Water aerobics...Ta-daaah! You know, like the kind for 90 year old saggy ladies! Wahoo! They'll never even notice the belly!

I've been trying to convince myself all summer to get my bum out of bed at try out water aerobics, after all, part of my New Year's resolution was to "try new things." Well, today was the day!!!! (and I loved it!!)

I was the youngest by about 40 years or big deal. I think I'm officially a water aerobic-er.


Leslie said...

Joni and I did it our whole senior year.. we got doted on by the old-er ladies and was suprised by how much it got our heart rate going, and how good of a work out it felt...

it was our tradition water aerobics, bananas and M&Ms... weird but true

Christy said...

oohhh I've been wanting to try that out but didnt know if the older folks would like me jumping in and doing cannon balls. ;)