Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad boy, bad boy....What'cha gonna do?!?!?

I remembered this story today and wanted to share. Anyone who knows me knows that I was never the "wild" one. I have never even smoked a cigarette, much less done drugs. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, much less almost been arrested!! That is exactly why this story is so funny and I love it so much. It made me feel like such a rebel!!!

Rewind back to college, junior year maybe. I was on my way home from college to go to the annual church Christmas pageant with two of my dearest guy friends. The one driving was the music minister's son. For the sake of the story, you need to know that he's uber skinny, has shaggy hippie hair, dresses like he's just rolled out of bed and oh yeah, has a heart condition that makes him shake like a leaf all the time. We were on the outskirts of town when we saw cop lights pulling up behind us. Of course, we immediately think that we were speeding...but we weren't. Ryan (the driver) swore he was going the speed limit. We had no idea why we were being pulled over. Ok- whatever....The cop comes up to the window and says that we were following the car in front of us too quickly or something. Ryan responded, gesturing with his hands as usual, when the cop started to question us.

Cop- "Sir, are you in a hurry to get somewhere?"
Ryan- "Well, we are actually on our way to church from out of town."
Cop- "Sir, are you scared?"
Ryan- "Nope."
Cop- "Then why are you shaking?"
Ryan- "Well, I just drank a huge Dr. Pepper. I guess maybe that's why. Plus, I always shake...always."
Me and Caleb- "Yeah, he has a heart condition."
Cop- "I'm going to need you all to get out of the car. Pull your pockets inside out and step away from the road. I'm going to have a look around."
-Me (inside me head)- "THIS IS AWESOME!!! He's not going to find anything!!!!!! I'm such a rebel!!! Bring it on coppy-poo!!"

The cop proceeds to inspect the car, look through our bags, blah, blah, blah and of course, he found nothing. But then the story gets better....

As the cop is searching the car and we are silently standing on the side of the road with our pockets inside out, MY DAD PULLS UP!!! HAHAHA. He was out at a ranch and was on his way into town. (Isn't this fabulous!!) He sees us, pulls over and gets out of the truck. He approaches the car, trying to get the cop's attention. The cop didn't hear him. By the time my dad was at the car, the cop was livid. My dad was "impeding upon an investigation." Well, can you imagine my dad's concern!??! He just wanted to know if we were ok. The cop won't tell him what's going on. Anywhooo---The cop ends up letting us go with just a warning. But wait....then the story gets better....

I get in the truck with my dad. Ryan and Caleb get back in Ryan's car and it won't start!!! Dad has to jump it and then we go to church, happy as larks with the best story ever! I've been searched for drugs! HAHAHAHAHA

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