Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 month stats

Month 4 was a huge one for our little man. It seemed like every day he was doing something new.

-16 lbs 8 oz (50% for weight)
-I'm not sure about length but I know it's 90%
-He HAS TWO TEETH! The bottom two came in super early at 4 months and one week.
-He rolls all over the place. There's no telling what position he will be in when I get him out of bed in the morning.
-He (kinda) eats cereal. E for effort. I have finally started stripping him down to feed him. I'm sick of having to change his clothes just because he ate!

-He reaches up when you go to pick him up.
-He still sleeps through the night...hopefully I'm not jinxing it.
-I believe that he is starting to be attached to me, as in...I leave the room and he cries. This is new and not a good thing. I think that he used to think that everyone was like one big person and now he notices the difference.
-He still laughs at everything.
-He is trying to sit up. I'll lay him on his back and he does this sort of crunch action but can't sit all the way up. Also, when we practice sitting, he doesn't quite have the balance thing down and topples over. It'll be any day now.
-He loves being outside. This month we have spent lots of time laying out in the backyard on a blanket learning about the sky, birds, grass, bugs, etc. It's super fun!!! We do it almost every day and I look forward to it.

-He loves to interact with other babies. It's so precious! He will just talk and talk and talk...They smile at each other and touch each other...It's stinkin adorable! I can't wait until they can actually play!

-He is taking pretty consistent afternoon naps and has gotten pretty accustomed to falling asleep in his crib on his own.
-He likes to stand up. Most of the time, if he is crying, we can hold him up so he is "standing" and he will stop crying. I think it feels good on his legs.
-I still breastfeed about 95% of the time. Mainly bottles are for when we are running errands or when Ross is taking over (fab.u.lous.)
-He is finally starting to notice the cats and he loves them! He tries to get a hold of them any time he can. He also talks to them, pets them and tries to occasionally bite their tails (oops).

I can't believe that he has been with us for almost half of a year! What did we do with our time before he was here? We love you, Bubba!!

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Christy said...

Oh he is so cute and I can't believe he has been here that long. What ever did we do without our kiddos under foot? I hate the very thought.