Sunday, April 11, 2010


We are so blessed to have forgone infertility issues. We got pregnant super-duper fast and we realize that we are way, way, way lucky. My mom always told me, "You better be careful, Kacie, because I am fertile Myrtle." So I guess I have my mom to thank for my "super ovaries" (according to Leslie).

October '09- Got off of birth control.
November '09- First month of the body readjusting to non-birth control living.
December'09 - Our first month to officially "try" and totally missed the ovulation days somehow....bummer!!
January '09- Got pregnant! Wahoo!
October '10- Due with our bundle of joy!

WOW, one year from start to finish! This has been a whirlwind of a baby-making process! Now...only 70 more years of the parenting part :)


Leslie said...

I want to make you a shirt that says that....

it wouldn't start awkward conversations at all.

we need to have a phone chat soon.

Miss you.

The Fenner's said...

That is exactly how we were... I went off the pill in December 08, started trying right away, and found out the end of March I was pregnant, expecting Dec 10th!!! It's such a blessing to have it happen so fast! COngrats... the best is yet to come!

Christy said...

Yes I agree with Leslie, you are super-duper blessed! :)