Saturday, April 10, 2010

Changes: Part 1

I want to document the changes that I'm currently experiencing at 13 weeks along.

1- Weight: I'm still down a few pounds from my original pre-preggie weight, even though the bump is huge and I'm eating all that I can.

2- Swollen hands: My hands are swollen. My wedding rings are tight-tight. I think it may be close to the time when I buy my "maternity wedding band." (You know, the fake one that's 2 sizes bigger than my normal rings)

3: Fingernails and hair: Prenatals make me feel like Wolverine from X-Men. They grow like crazy! I have to trim my nails all the time and I need to shave about twice as much as normal...not that I do, but I should.

4: Sense of smell: It is turned on full blast. Smells aren't really making me nauseous, but I feel like a blood hound.

5: Stomach muscles: Apparently these have stopped working. It's like mega hard for me to sit up in the bed without pain. They also feel very stretched and I know that the worst is yet to come! I feel like they are always telling me, "Yes, I'm here, but I'm tired and not like I used to be, so don't push it." So, I don't because it hurts if I do.

6: Total aversion to chicken: Yuck. I can't type any more than that b/c that means I have to think about it.

7: Loving carbs: Most of the stuff that I can eat is carb rich. I've read that at this point, that's ok...I'm supposed to just eat what I can. Mashed potatoes are my current fave. They fill me up and reduce the acid-stomach feeling.

8: Nausea and Heartburn: Oh-yeah. It's still here. I'll be sitting there feeling fabulous and then boom! Nauseous, clammy and hot. I'm still taking Zofran, although not nearly as much as in the beginning! At this point, I'm taking it once every few days instead of twice a day every day. I'd say that's a huge improvement!! Yeah!

9: Light headed: This is a new thing. I can't get up too fast or I see all black or sparkles or get super light headed. I read up on it and they say it's from all of the extra blood I have now. My body is adjusting to the new blood pressure. It's an easy fix though. I bend at the knees instead of at the hips, this way by head never turns upside down. I get out of bed in stages: sit up for a while, then stand. Basically, I just take it a bit slower than normal. No big deal.

10: Concerned about baby: A few days ago I got this super concerned feeling about the well being of the baby. I think it's because I haven't seen him/her since March 16 and I had been seeing him/her every 2 weeks. We have our next sono on Wednesday and I can't wait. I've heard that it will actually look like a real baby with arms and legs and everything! Yes!! No more alien-slug baby with a tail!! The other reason for the concern is that I still can't feel it. I know that most people don't feel it move until 16ish weeks, so I shouldn't be concerned, but it just doesn't feel like anything is actually in there! I should be reassured though, by the ever growing bump and the nausea since it means that the hormones are still going strong. We'll see on Wednesday, when I post the new baby pic!

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Christy said...

ahhhh the joys of motherhood. :)