Wednesday, April 14, 2010

13 weeks 6 days

We had an AMAZING sonogram today and everything looks good! No down's syndrome, the heart's great, baby's super duper active! I'm pretty sure it was having a little dance party in there, plus, it mooned us for a significant portion of time. My brother is so proud. I cried buckets of tears when we saw the little foot and toes. It's finally looking like a real baby!!! I had been really concerned about the well being of the baby for some reason, but everything was FABULOUS! The Lord answers prayers! So, enjoy the pics of our little alien-baby.

Profile pic looking right. got back :)

This begins the dance party pictures.

Either it is showing us that it can count to 3 or it's throwin up the west side sign.

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Christy said...

aaahhhh yaaaayyyy for you guys! :)