Monday, July 16, 2012

When daddies help

Ross put Carson to bed last night when we got back from a long trip home from south Texas. This is what I found when I got him out of bed this morning. Haha! That's an unsnapped romper (that he wore all day) over sweatpants. I love it! Sometimes I think that I get too concerned with the small things, like matching pjs. Carson was happy as can be and slept until 10:45, so clearly Ross knew what he was doing! I love the daddy-isms of parenting. That's why it takes two :)

Oh...and this is Carson's new "say cheese" face!

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Leslie said...

oh Kacie, random Nick put the kids to be and I worked last night... and when I got up this morning I thought the same thing.. and then was just greatful that he balances out my crazy.... and it keeps life lovely. Who really cares about matching jammies, right??!! :) Carson is SO big these days and sorry our call was cut short, love you lady.