Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hulk.

I went to the store a few days ago ALONE. Halleluiah!

I got back and Ross informed me that there had been a minor issue.

Ross had stepped out back to check on the meat that was cooking and Carson had locked him out! Carson has never even messed with a door lock, so this was quite the (funny-ish) surprise! 

Ross' phone was locked inside, along with the rouge toddler, so Ross kicked in the back door! HOLY TOLEDO! I imagine him turning into The Hulk, exploding muscles busting his shirt off and him using his super-human strength to plow down the door. Kinda sexy, huh? He went into total protector-must-get-to-my-baby-mode and I love that he went to the extreme to get to C. Plus, can you think of a more manly way to do it? Not me!

Also, when Ross told his mom what had happened she said, "You were about Carson's age when you locked me out of the house, too!" Hahaha! Oh no! Like father, like son :)

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