Sunday, February 12, 2012

mainly messes.

i've come to the realization that our days are basically filled with making and cleaning up messes. the thing is, these are what i call "productive messes" because every mess is a learning opportunity! we take things out. we dump stuff. we put it back. we do it again. we learn that things fall. things make noises when thrown. some things bounce. some things hurt. some things get the drift.

sometimes we even go to daddy's office to "learn" there, too!

the other thing that consumes our day is exploring. the kid fits himself into every nook and cranny around...the higher off the ground the better! umm...adding the ER to my speed dial asap.

he climbs.

he squats.

he falls and he repeats. but again, it's all in the name of learning....right???????

on a side note...this is most likely his last sink bath ever...mainly because of the enormous volume of water on my kitchen floor post bath.

and this was his first ever ride in my old wagon from when i was a kid! it was really special.

roughly 15 months old

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