Monday, October 10, 2011

I love lamp.

Have I ever told you the story about why I love lamp? (it's a quote from Anchorman, in case you're wondering) It goes like this.

Every night I put lotion on my hands before I go to bed. Then, every night I have to turn the knob to turn off my lamp, which is darn near impossible with greasy-lotion-hands. So, I huff and puff and squeeze my fingers real tight and turn it until it's turned off.

Then, one night, I come out of the bathroom and the bedroom is dark, like way dark and Ross is sitting the way dark.

I walk to my side of the room, lotion up my hands and then reach to turn the lamp on and, instead of finding the hard to turn knob, I find a lotion-friendly pull chain! "What?!?!?!?" I think, "How is this possible? Have I never noticed that it had two switches? Wait a second...." And I look over at Ross, who is smirking with a proud little smile and he just beams!

He had noticed my nightly dilemma, gone to the hardware store over his lunch break and had replaced the knob while I showered that night! Then he made the room unusually dark so that I'd be certain to turn on my lamp and just sat there, waiting for me to find my surprise!

And that's why I love lamp! (and my hubby)

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Jessica said...

Awwww.... such a sweet story. You two are so cute. :o)

Leslie said...

That is a super dear story.....
love Ross.
I've said it before. I'll say it again.