Friday, October 7, 2011

1 Year

Our big boy is ONE year old!
12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,765.8 hours. 31,566,926 seconds.
What a sweet, sweet year; without a doubt, the best year of our lives.

Weight: 20.6 lbs, 10-25 percentile

Height: 30.5 inches, 75 percentile

Teeth: 8 full in front, bottom and top left molars and canines poking through

Mobility: Crawling, standing unassisted, cruising around furniture, he just doesn't want to walk yet and I'm in no rush at all for that milestone!

Vocals/communication: Dada, Mama, ba = ball, bwub = airplane, gabba, so many sweet babbles, pointing, laughing when others laugh (including on the tv), waving, pointing to sky when you say airplane, waving bye-bye and hi, clicking conversations, mimicking words (brush = bshhh), growling at anything with fur or when he hears barking

This has been the month of playing and interacting! His personality has blossomed and it has been amazing!! He is an easy, happy baby boy. He still takes two naps a day, although the morning nap is getting shorter. I still nurse 2-3 times a day.

Carson likes to...
-put blocks in our mouths and crawl around with blocks in his mouth.
-put his fingers in our mouths and my/his belly button.
-grind his teeth while he is drives me crazy!
-knock down stacks of blocks.
-stack things.
-rub the curls on the back of his head with his right hand while sucking on his thumb with his left.
-put things on/in other things.
-crunch cheerios between his front teeth.
-play with and chase Riley!
-say Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada around 5:00 every day.
-lift his legs up on the changing table when I'm ready to put on his pants.
-kick his feet with excitement. We call it happy feet.
-feed us soggy, slobbery cheerios or other food.
-bounce, roll and throw balls.
-play with other kids, any age will do!
-sit outside and watch airplanes. He points to them and gets super excited. He's also better than Ross and I at spotting them.
-fake laugh when he hears us laughing (people laughing or on the tv)
-point at interesting things.
-dance...well, try to :)
-bang on things
-explore "his" cabinet
-splash in the tub.
-talk to everyone in the grocery store and lean to them so they hold him. (I don't let them though)
-look at girls. He spots the cutest ones everywhere we go and then stares and stares.

Dislikes: canned peaches, the texture of avocados, being wiped down, being contained, staying still, water being poured over his face, that's all I can think of though. He's incredibly easy going.

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