Friday, October 1, 2010

Not today...

We are back from the hospital. Today I was bleeding a little so I called the doctor. She said to come into Labor and Delivery. I called Ross and he met me there. I was pretty convinced that I wasn't in labor but the doctor said go, so we went...just to get all checked out. 4 hours later we left...without a baby and with doctor ordered bed rest until Monday, when I'll go back to see her. My blood pressure was really high at the hospital. I think it was because of two things. 1) The baby was really hurting me when we got in there and when he stopped hurting, my BP went down and 2) I was laying on my back and when she told me to switch to my side, it went down. The nurse said that when you're on your back you are pressing on a big vein that slows down the blood to your heart, thus raising your BP. And finally, at Monday's appointment, the doctor said we will discuss possible getting this baby out this week!!! Wahoo!!!

PS: It was a pretty fabulous way for Ross to get off early on a Friday!

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Christy said...

Yay for you being alright! Yay for the baby coming! Yay for the hubby getting out of work! :)