Sunday, July 25, 2010

Productive (and crafty) Weekend

Here's a rundown on our weekend:

I made this amazingly simple and cute earring holder for my sister. All it took was a picture frame, some picture hanging wire and a staple gun! Of course, Ross took these pictures...that's why they are good.

Ross painted the formal dining room, which will now be the playroom. We will be switching out the chandelier in the next few days.

I finished sewing the squares together for my brother's college graduation t-shirt quilt. It is still missing the borders though.

I started and finished a quilt top for our baby boy in one day (minus the border, which I haven't yet decided upon)! Ok, so it's no great accomplishment since it's all squares, but still...


The Fenner's said...

I love the quilts, very nice! I wish I knew how to do something like that!:) Your getting close, and you look fabulous!

Tara said...

I just saw, like yesterday, that earring holder on a girls blog!! I thoughtit was so cute...too funny!!

Miss G said...

I'm impressed that you can quilt! Kelly