Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things that make me happy....
  • days that are cool enough to keep the windows open and the a/c turned off--in the house or in the car
  • sprinkles
  • diet the morning
  • my fuzzy white slippers
  • cat naps with my cat
  • laughing from the time ross gets home from work until we get in bed at night
  • our new dining room table and newly redecorated guest bedroom
  • kissing Ross at the door when he gets home from on one stair up from him so thta we can see face to face
  • birthday cake icecream with extra, extra sprinkles (multi sprinkles without chocolate ones)
  • a good shopping day with the girls
  • grande iced lowfat chai tea lattes
  • that aaah feeling of tingely facewash
  • the first cold day of a new year
  • days that the sky is so blue you would swear it was painted
  • hobby lobby 40% off coupons
  • laughing babies in a store that you can't see but you still can't help laughing out loud to yourself, despite what anyone else thinks
  • sleeping in L-A-T-E
  • cooking something so good that i have to say, "this really is good"
  • ross' laugh that makes him have to pinch the part of his nose right inbetween his eyes to stop himself from crying (usually at america's funnies home videos)
  • my family and time with them because we usually laugh so hard that we all end up in tears
  • bubble baths while watching tv
  • godiva white chocolate heart truffles and getting one at the mall when i can (a splurge of about a dollar)
  • falling asleep with my arm around ross' chest. i always fall asleep way after him so i just get to lay there and cuddle

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