Monday, November 5, 2012

24/25 month favorites

-He says "eeps" instead of "oops" and it makes me giggle.
-He grabs our hands and says "a walk" and takes us on walks around the house. Most of the time his end goal is to look out of the peep hole on the front door. I think he really just likes to be in charge of us for a change.
-Daddy taught him that stinky diapers are called stink balls....I hear "nink ball" about 50 times a day!
-"I did it!" is what he says when he's proud of himself.
-He loves to help in the kitchen. Cooking with him is one of my greatest joys. biggest joy, BY FAR, is that he has ended his several month boycott of rocking with me! He now requests to "wock" almost every night! Yay!
-I've started to sneak more veggies into some of his foods. So far this week he has had fruit/veggie juice, zucchini and squash muffins and carrot puree mac'n'cheese, which I named Sneaky Mac. Since he's being picky right now, I'm getting the veggies into him any way that I can.

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Christy said... sweet when they are little like that. My girls still love to help in the kitchen.