Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm a visual person and I think C is too. We talk about the things we see all day everyday as I teach him about the world around him. I find that this technique works better for us at this stage than actual "lesson-lessons." Although, the teacher in me desperately wants to type up some awesome lesson plans! That'll happen soon enough.

Being that we spend most of our time in the kitchen, and that I had a roll of hot pink duct tape I was dying to use, I came up with this. I taped some shapes on the floor! Simple as that! Here are some ideas about how to use the shapes. I'd also love to hear your additions to my list!

1- stand in the square/triangle/etc
2- dance in the _____
3- point to the shape
4- put your hand/nose/leg/foot/etc in the ____
5- let's find other items of the same shape and put them in the _____
6- sit in the _____

7- patterns...walk from the triangle to the square to the triangle to the square
8- what other things do we see that are that shape?
9- shapes "twister"...left hand in triangle, right hand in square
10- trace the shape with your finger (or washable marker of you're brave)
11- use similar shapes as a matching game
12- use of prepositions- stand beside/in/under/on/etc the shape
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Jessica said...

Great ideas, Kacie! Almost makes me want to have another kid to try them out, cuz I'm pretty sure if I tried this with the boys at this point, they'd look at me like, "Are you serious?" :o)