Thursday, November 10, 2011

13 Months

What a fun month! This month has been filled with...

-Head stands
-FIRST STEPS! He's not full on walking, but he takes little steps here and there.
-Hugging things (us, cat, toys) and going mmmmmm
-Feeding the cat....more like shoving his food in her face to share with her
-Talking to Dada on the "phone" (toy, remote, his hand)
-Brushing his own hair
-Rolling and bouncing ball
-Big boy clothes that look like little Ross clothes
-A little bit of crying when I drop him off at the church nursery
-Throwing things
-Obsessed with putting things in his mouth (still)
-Loving to watch the effects of gravity
-Pushing buttons with one finger
-Waiting out front for Dada to come home. When C sees Dada's car he gets SO excited!
-Lots of splashing during bath time
-Licking the floor, walls, cabinets...
-Climbing (read: falling)
-Clapping when he hears clapping on the TV or when we say "yay"
-Coughing anytime he hears coughing
-Growling at any type of animal
-Biting us and himself

-Hair that is extremely curly and in desperate need of a trim...I just can't do it yet.
-Being busy...that is the understatement of the year.
-Still nursing- I tried to quit but I couldn't. I got totally, overwhelmingly sad., so much teething. All of his teeth, including molars, have busted through the surface!
-Sickness...Baby and Dada both spent lots of time being sick this month :(
-Carson dislikes grass- If you put him on a blanket in the grass, he stays on it to avoid the grass.
-ba=ball, da=dog, bshhh=brush, bwub=airplane, mama, dada, ruff, growling, mimicking

He is eating everything that we eat. This makes going out to eat and cooking dinner much easier! I do tone down the spiciness for his portions, but other than that, he eats like us! He loves beans, tortillas, quesadillas, fruit, cheese, turkey hotdogs, Daddy's eggs, heck...the boy just likes to eat. He isn't loving sweet potatoes right now though. Those get thrown straight onto the floor.

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