Friday, September 23, 2011

Worn out

For the first time since he has been born I am feeling totally worn out. Sick of saying no. Tired of pulling things out of his mouth. Tired of having to watch his every move to protect himself... Just really exhausted. He is almost a year old and I'm finally feeling drained. It probably has a lot to do with his demeanor this week- cranky, whiny, into everything, wants to be constantly held, teething. It has just been a hard week. I feel like I need a break, a rejuvenation, a time to replenish myself so that I can take better care of him and of Ross. I know that it's ok to feel like this but I feel guilty. I am very, very grateful to be home with him. I love our time together. I should be focusing on that. Maybe I just need an attitude adjustment!?!?!? Done venting...just a hard week.

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Christy said...

Your right it is OK to feel like that. Being a stay at home is hard work. It's good you can see you are wiped out. Let your hubby know and be honest when you are struggling. It always helps me when I have weeks like that (which still happen even though my girls are older) if I can take even just an hour and go window shopping or to the grocery store without kids in tow. Just a walk around the block with your ipod or coffee with a friend. Refuel girl! :)

Leslie said...

totally normally Kacie... and it happens more often as you switch for baby tender.. to child discipliner.... its a humbling thing... thankfully really the Lord has taught me more about Him than ever in those depleated moments.. you can do this.. you were made for mommyhood.