Monday, December 21, 2009

What would you do?

Heart broken, defeated, conflicted, relieved, confused. Those are just some of the feelings I am currently experiencing. Here's why-
We have a beautiful German Shepard puppy, Lexi. At first we were beyond overjoyed to have her.....but, then she started to exhibit some agressive tendencies. She bit my dad the first time we brought her home....strike one....On Saturday night she bit my head....strike two....and we are trying to have a there is no room for strike three. I think that we have to get rid of her, and Ross agrees. I feel HORRIBLE. I feel like we are letting her down. I feel like we promised her a good home, and now are taking that away. I'm worried about what will happen to her next because I love her...I really do. I just love my future children more. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have ever had to make, but I do not think that I can risk the safety of our future family....I'm not sure what to do...What would you do?


Jessica said...

Hey Kacie,
Sorry to hear all that. That sounds like a tough situation. Is there some type of dog training program that you could take her to? Remember Bailey - the Weimaraner that Otto and I got BK (before kids)? Bailey didn't bite, but was tearing up the house, and creating a HUGE strain on our relationship, because Otto felt we needed to get rid of him way before I did. We were away for 12 hours a day, which was a real disservice to the dog, who wanted to socialize and run around (he was in his cage when we were at work). We ended up giving him to a family that lived on a farm in El Campo, where he could run around all day with other dogs, and be much happier. I wasn't there when they came to pick him up - I had to leave. Had I been there I would have cried uncontrollably!
If you and Ross are on the same page, then giving her away may be the best thing to do, even if it hurts. :o(

Christy said...

Oh man thats so hard......we are animal lovers as well but I think since the dog is still young it could adjust with another person as apposed to you keeping it longer and then having to get rid of her in the long run anyways. plus she may get more aggressive when you bring a baby home. Feeling jelous etc. Bummer your having to go through this. :(